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Narrative Short


Written, Directed, Produced By Sarah Carlson 


CONTACT: Sarah Carlson

(917) 428-3297



John Pick
Lennie Johnson

Emma Chanen


Written by Sarah Carlson

Director of Photography Stefani Foster

Editor Seth Herron Leigh Underwood Sarah Carlson

Original Score by Jonathan Kirk

Additional Music by Paul J. Williams 



Elgie Shafe brings home a chick from his-- job at the poultry dealer and finds himself decidedly attached. His life begins to blossom for the first time in years, but when the chicken dies unexpectedly, Elgie must decide whether to reach out for a new connection with a human face. 

Niches: Women, Student, GraduateDrama, Independent, Urban, Comedy, Reality, Art, Romance


Shooting Format: Panasonic Varicam High Definition Video Screening Formats: DVCPro HD, BetaSP, HDCAM

Date of Completion May 2015

Country of Production U SA

Country of Filming USA


Director’s Statement


In “Chicken,” I wanted work with character in an oblique way, to explore the way little things we do make a profound impact on the evolution of our lives. I used real locations and natural lighting to capture the reality of the city. The characters in Chicken are sometimes sad and desperate, but they evolve in subtle, yet profound ways. For me, these progressions reflect our struggles as human beings to develop and maintain connection, be it with a chicken, or a human being. In Chicken, little actions go a long way. Becoming friends with a kid or going outside more often may provide the sustenance for big personal growth. As the child of a first generation immigrant, the idea of a city looming large as an experiential teacher makes sense to me.


Chicago is a vibrant and complex cultural landscape. The lakeshore provides a tranquil getaway, while in the city’s great cross-pollination of races, cultures, and classes struggle to find this thing we all call "happiness". This is the subject of my story.


-Sarah Ann Carlson


About the Director


Sarah Carlson has been working as an Editor and a Director for over 9 years. She worked on independent biography Hansel Mieth: Vagabond Photographer, which showed on PBS’s Independent Lens in May 2003. Additionally, she edited “Loaves and Fishes” for Emmy Award winning Nancy Schiesari. This film about a Mexican Immigrant in Texas premiered at 2000 South by Southwest Film Festival, screened at numerous film festivals, and was broadcast on PBS experimental film series The Territory in 2001. Sarah Directed “Engaged Learning,” a training series for educators in the state of Idaho documenting new methods of experiential learning for children in public schools.

While working on her MFA in Directing at Northwestern University, Sarah directed a spoof on teenage sexuality, entitled “Teenage Love”, an experimental treatment of a relationship breakup in “Relationship Dance”, and short piece about interracial pickup encounters in the city, entitled Rage.


In May 2006, Sarah traveled with a group of Artists from Northwestern University to do a Video Installation on the side of the war-torn Hotel Europa in Sarajevo during the closing ceremony of the Winter Festival.

Most recently, Sarah has directed the short film “Chicken”, about Elgie Shafe, a cowardly poultry shop employee and his relationship with his immigrant mother, soon to enter the festival circuit. While earning her MFA, Sarah taught video, audio and film production at Northwestern University. She currently lives and freelances in Chicago where she is completing two experimental works and writing her thesis: New City, a dystopic peek into future urban landscapes.




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